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About Reka: Female, 25, born in Budapest, have lived in Taipei, doing uni in London, graphic designer/illustrator/creative, devoted to Japan, dorama/tv-series addict.
Loves: music, movies, doramas, tv-series, japanese street fashion, pastel colours, hearts, stars, strawberries, lightning bolts, and leopard pattern, unusual coloured hair, body mods (tattooes and piercings), marzipan, any kind of candies, cooking, baking, Asian languages etc.
Influences: japanese street fashion in general, creepy cute, fairy-kei, pop-kei, Neeko, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Check out my portfolio:
Going to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in a week!

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Elleanor in front of Spiral Harajuku with a quilted cloud skirt from the indie Japanese brand HIMITSU KESSYA , Betty Boop, Charlie Brown, Creamy Mami & colorful hair. Full Look

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Ezaki Nanaho, 18yr old, works at nadia


Ezaki Nanaho, 18yr old, works at nadia

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